Just as your company’s logo, colors, motto and mission statement become part of your visual brand, music creates a sound brand. Music is that divine sound that creates an immediate emotional connection with people. Strategically created sound, when tailored effectively, can stimulate your customers to endear themselves to your brand, which affects their shopping behavior.

At Voice Recording Studio, we create, innovate and deliver world-class music strategies for brands that want to inspire, motivate, engage and connect with their customers through music. Come to us to find out how we leverage the relationship between sound branding and consumer psychology to deliver the ‘perfect sell’ tunes for campaigns, events, companies and products.

In our world of marketing and advertising — especially in today’s highly visual world where Pinterest, Instagram and other image-based platforms are becoming more popular with each passing day — the need is paramount for the right music to be married to the right brand.
To better understand the impact of music on consumers and to learn more about the attitudes towards music being played in businesses in public spaces, as well as music played in the workplace, Heartbeats International has conducted a survey on 1000 Swedes between the ages of 16-64. We asked them questions about the impact of music on their everyday lives, public spaces and at work.

The survey results are published in the report, Uncovering a musical myth: A survey on music’s impact in public spaces.


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Impact of Music