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Canadian English Voice Over Artists

Canada is a multilingual nation. English and French are their official languages at the federal level. This means that all government services are bilingual, including courts and the legislature. There are different laws at the state level, too. English is the mother tongue of 56% of the population, which will be around 19.4 million people whereas French mother- tongue speakers make up 20.6% of the population and 21.1% speaks other languages. However, 86.2% of Canadians have a working knowledge of English. Canadian English has also been uniquely influenced by French and native languages. The Canadian English dialect has some amazing sounding idioms and slang words like ‘Klick’ to refer to a Kilometre and ‘Keener’ to describe someone who is ‘too eager to please.

With over 16 years of experience, the voice-over studio is an India-based professional Canadian English accent provider studio in Delhi. We will use a professional native speaker with the required language skills, educational background, subject knowledge, and experience to translate your subtitles accurately and effectively.

We are here to assist you in culturally adapting your message for the Canadian market. By working with linguists and employing cultural sensitivity, we will help you to convey the authentic experience with your audiovisual media and to capture the hearts and minds of your local audience.

They capture the nuances of the Canadian accent to enhance the images through sound and create authentic personalities. Canadian and American English are grouped together as North American English. It can be difficult for some people to tell the difference between a Canadian and American accent. All Canadians share ‘Canadian Raising’. This is a feature of speech where “now” sounds are raised before t, s, or other consonants e.g. in the words ‘house’ or ‘about’. Noticeable in our Canadian Voice Actors.

You can work with pre-screened voice talent through our platform or, for larger projects, have us manage your project from start to end. We have a ton of experience in everything to do with audio production and post-production. So the final product you will receive is guaranteed to be top grade! We can sync the voice-over to the visuals in any language and mix it with a soundtrack or add Foley or sound effects as per your longing. When recording a Canadian English voice-over, it is critical to consider terminology and usage, pronunciation, spelling, grammar as well as accent. 

We work along with artists to ensure they take a fresh look at every new script with the same dedication as nothing is obtained and everything needs to be modified every single time. And when your viewers take their seats in the conference hall or in the living room, they fasten their seat belts to embrace nothing but the authentic, original experience. 

VoiceMonk has been providing professional Canadian English Voice Over Service and Canadian English Voice Over Service for over 16 years. We offer a large pool of Canadian English Voice Over Artists, at a reasonable price. If you need Canadian English Voice Over Artists or Canadian English Voice Over Agency for Translation, Dubbing, Adaptation, Recording for Cartoons, Commercials, Video Games, E-learning Videos or Audio books, call VoiceMonk  +91 8700295007 or . You can mail your requirements at

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Canadian English Voice Artist

Canadian English Female Voice Sample

Canadian English Male Voice Sample