Hindi to Kumaoni Translation Service

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Kumaoni Translation Service

With about 2 million speakers in the country, Kumaoni is a hidden gem from the lands of the Kumaon region in Uttrakhand. The language has a few speakers in Himachal Pradesh and Nepal as well. UNESCO has designated the language as vulnerable, necessitating ongoing conservation efforts. The language has its own history and literature. It is one of the 325 recognized languages in India. The language is a part of the Indo-Aryan dialect, so the people who speak Kumaoni can also speak Hindi proficiently. There are several dialects in the Kumaoni language, and there is no specific method to divide the language of Kumaoni.

India is a country where there are hundreds of recognized languages and millions of speakers of those languages. No other country in the world can compare with the diversity of this nation. The importance of each language should be the same as the other and should not depend on the number of speakers of that language.

VoiceMonk Translation Service

We duly understand and recognize the needs of companies that want to reach out to each corner of the nation. Various organizations wanted to get their contents translated into Kumaoni, but there are very few translation services that provide such diversity to vulnerable languages, thus reducing the importance of language. At VoiceMonk Studio’s Kumaoni Translation Service, we provide hands-on experience with native Kumaon speakers who will professionally translate your content into Kumaoni; irrespective of the language that the content carries.

VoiceMonk Localizzation Service

VoiceMonk provides various services, such as subtitling, transmission, transcription, document translation, localization services, etc., with a tremendous work ethic. With this versatility, VoiceMonk emerges as the most appealing option on the market, with the most competitive pricing. Kumaoni Translation Service will ensure the localization of the content, which will help to connect with the native speakers of the land. As the speakers of the language are fewer, it becomes important that there be an emotional connection between your output and them so that they can consume it without any difficulties. In today’s business world, localization and reach are key, and Kumaoni Translation Service is the key to that goal. 

Want to reach us after the working hours? You are free to call us or drop a mail anytime as per your convenience, and we will reach out to you immediately. We also provide the adjustments where our clients can have direct contact with our linguists and share their requirements so this way all your standards are met. We also provide a provision for retakes. If you think some stuff is to be redone, you can directly tell that to your translators, and we will ensure that it is duly submitted on time without any delays.

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