Professional Dubbing Studio in Tehran, Iran

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Dubbing Studio in Tehran

Persian Dubbing Studio in Tehran

If you are planning to make your project accessible to Persian speaking viewers and looking for professional dubbing studio in Tehran and Persian Voice artists, VoiceMonk Studio connects you with the best, most talented and top-performing Voice Over actors in Tehran!

In addition to Persian, we also offer our services in the English language. We are joined by very famous and experienced artists of the English language, whose voice is very well known for the media world. 

VoiceMonk Persian & English Dubbing & Voice Over services is available for TV series, feature films, 3D movies, animations, cartoons, motion pictures, impersonations, video games, children’s songs, theatre and movie content, and pre-school content.  

Over the past sixteen years of successful operational journey, VoiceMonk Studio have collaborated with numerous acclaimed voice actors. 

Persian Dubbing Artists in Tehran

The Neutral Persian accent is just one of the many local and remote dialects that we cover. VoiceMonk’s professional voice bank of male, female, and child Persian voice talents, Voice Over artists, and Voice Over actors stands out to reflect your vision.

The Persian & English dubbing and voice over experts at VoiceMonk can assist you with every step of the process, from translation and adaptation to casting and the use of language monitors in the recording studio. Our extensive network of professional voice actors can mimic any language, regional accent, gender, or tonal range.

Professional dubbing studio in Tehran VoiceMonk Studio offers dubbing services for audio-visual publishing and corporate videos by employing a team of professional voice actors who all have high voice quality, clear pronunciation, and uniform speed.

Persian Translation Services in Tehran

Being at the top of the most relevant search results is now crucial for any successful business. Therefore, the content must be localized so that anyone can access it without the need for specialized knowledge.

As a leading translation company, Professional dubbing studio in Tehran, VoiceMonk offers professional Persian translation services. We translate videos, websites, games, books, and manuals among other things for both businesses and individuals.

Language Localization Services in Tehran

VoiceMonk Studio is a full-service Persian & English production company in Tehran that localizes and creates high-quality content for consumers all around the world. Our staff consists of highly experienced individuals, and they offer all production services. 

VoiceMonk Studio, a multilingual voice-over studio, works with a wide network of native voice artists and local agencies to provide comprehensive support, from translation and adaptation to casting and the use of language monitors during recording sessions.

Persian Voice Over Studio in Tehran

Native Voice Actors from Tehran, all of whom passed our rigorous testing, are at your disposal. The following Persian & English Voice Over Artists are proficient in their field and available to work on your next project. In Tehran, our extensive network of professional voice actors allows us to cast in any language, dialect, gender, accent, pitch, or tone. When you use VoiceMonk, you can choose from among the best Persian & English voice actors and narrators working today.

Professional dubbing studio in Tehran VoiceMonk studio is not limited to Persian and English language only. It works for all foreign languages. We have artists working with us from nearly every country. German, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Persian etc. are just a few of the common languages and dialects covered by VoiceMonk Studio.

Our Services in Tehran include:

  • Persian Transcription Services in Tehran
  • Persian Translation Services in Tehran
  • Persian On Screen Text replacement Services in Tehran
  • Persian Voice Over Translation Services in Tehran
  • Persian Script Writing Services in Tehran
  • Persian Jingle Production Services in Tehran
  • Persian Video Post-Production Services in Tehran
  • Persian Audio Post-Production Services in Tehran
  • Persian IVR Recording in Tehran
  • Persian Announcement Recording Services in Tehran
  • Persian Dubbing Services in Tehran
  • Graphics localization in Persian Services in Tehran
  • Persian Voice Over Recording Agency in Tehran
  • Voice Over Production in in Tehran
  • Persian Video Game Voice Over in Tehran
  • Serial Dubbing Service in Tehran

For any business related enquiry please call us on +91 8700295007 or or email us

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