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Czech Voice Over Artists

Czech was originated in the Czech Republic and is also its official language. The Czech language is closely related to Slovak, Polish and Sorbian.  It’s also an Indo-European language that has been influenced by Latin and German. 96 % of the country’s population speaks Czech. Some other Czech speakers are from Portugal, Poland, Germany, and the USA. Thus, it is spoken by more than 10 million people around the world. Some other languages spoken in the Czech Republic are Slovak, German, Polish, and Romanian, and many other.

The region where Czech was traditionally spoken was called Bohemia which was named after the Boii tribe. In reference to Roman sources, the area was inhabited by at least the 1st century AD. The language of Bohemia was known as Bohemian until the early 20 century. Later, it is known as Czech. Even some dialects spoken in Moravia are also considered forms of Czech.

The Czech Republic is also becoming one of the great European markets for growing global businesses. It has a faster-growing economy than Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and New Zealand.

At Voice Monk, you have a one-stop shop for a complete audio guide. We take care of the translation, the delivery of the voiceover, and the final editing. We can also provide royalty-free background music or even personalized sound effect and transport the visitor to a different time or even a distinct planet. You can choose from our wide range of experienced Czech Voice Over talents or we can do casting on your behalf to find that unique voice that perfectly fits your content.

For more than 16 years, our work and dedication have filled hundreds of businesses of every size, in every sector, from all over the world. Whether it’s a voiceover for a commercial, promo, a pitch deck, a podcast, dubbing, audio guides, and telephone messages, you can count on us to be a partner on your project. We have sprinkled our inspired audio magic over 5,000+ projects and built up a reputation for high standards, innovation, and adaptability.

Voice Monk efficiently works, at a very pocket-friendly price. You can easily book a voice-over online. Our Czech voice-over artists have been carefully selected and work from a professional home studio. Within a day you will have the recordings in your possession. Quickly at a competitive price, thanks to our platform, you no longer need to book a studio. Thus, saving you a lot of money. We are more than happy to help you choose the perfect voice for your project or to help set up a casting! Our approach is distinct within the recording sector.

Need an urgent recording or a question outside office hours? We are very flexible! Feel free to send us an email; we will help you even after hours. As soon as an order of the recording has been placed, you are in direct contact with the voice-over artist; you can give him/her further instructions. If, necessary adjust afterward if a retake is needed. So VoiceMonk stands for Quality, speed, and a personal touch.

 If you need Czech Voice Over Service or Czech Voice Over Agency for Translation, Dubbing, Adaptation, Recording for Cartoons, Commercials, Video Games, E-learning Videos, or Audiobooks, call VoiceMonk +91 8700295007 or . You can mail your requirements at

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